Project.protobuf file is publicly accessible even though my project is private

We noticed that project.protobuf files of our private projects are publicly accessible. Is it expected or any action we need to take from our end?

with the above example url, if we include projectkey and branch, it is downloading the protobuf file.

Hey there.

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I cannot reproduce this with a private project on my side – either when browsing incognito (unauthenticated) or logged into another account. I get the normal message when you try to look at a project that doesn’t exist or you don’t have access to.

{"errors":[{"msg":"Project doesn\u0027t exist"}]}

Are you sure the project is marked as private and not public? Can you detail a reproducer (a specific project, for example)

@Colin Yes, I’m sure. My project is private
Please send me a private message, i will share the examples

Thanks @Colin
removing Execute Analysis permission to Anyone resolved the issue.

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