Project planning with Sonarqube assignments/estimates

Sonarqube Enterprise Edition, Version 8.3.1 (build 34397)

I need to build a plan to address static analysis finding from our Overall Code findings. For example, I would like to obtain a summary report of total estimated amount for various filter conditions such as each developer’s critical bugs, blocker bugs, major bugs, etc. From this I could build a schedule estimating the time required to move a given analysis category such as reliability from E, to D, to C, etc. It will also enable me to level the work if the data indicates one person is more heavily loaded than others. I can of course use the issues tab with filtering to manually iterate through all the conditions and record the estimated effort per person, but this is a large team and the need to do that repeatedly to keep the schedule up to date is rather prohibitive.

Is there a summary report somewhere that I have not discovered?

If not, is there an API that could be used to extract this via script?

Thank you.


All there is is the Issues tab. You should be able to filter there by assignee and see each developer’s “load” at the top-right of the issues list, where it gives the cumulative estimated effort for the current issue set.

However this is not how we recommend going about it. Instead, we recommend the Clean as You Code approach. We use it internally and it has worked to improve e.g. overall code coverage. Not by hunting down old, uncovered files and writing tests. (We tried that, actually. It didn’t go so well.) But by focusing on the coverage of new code.

Here’s an overview of the methodology
And here’s a more detailed discussion


@ganncamp, I understand the clean as you code philosophy. In my posting I didn’t comment on code coverage, but rather I am focused on the static analysis and indeed all of our new code static analysis is “A” rated. However, this is a large code base with years of history and the static analysis on overall code has found legitimate blocker, critical and major issues that simply can’t be ignored, nor can we wait for these issues to be resolved through the natural course of development overlapping in these areas. We need a focused effort to raise up our quality on the most severe issues.

Given that the issues view is indeed the only tool available to me, could you please answer my second question as to whether there is a REST API available for extracting this data, and if so where is that documented?


Tom Z

Hi Tom,

You can use the same APIs that feed the Issues page. Check the page footer for a link to the onboard documentation.


Got it. I didn’t know that was there for every page. Thanks a ton.