Procedure to Move SonarQube Server from One host to Another

I am running SonarQube V 6.7.5 (Enterprise edition) on Redhat Linux. I would like to migrate it from one Server to another. Please point me to a tech note or document which describes the procedure to migrate the server from hostA to hostB.

thank you


It’s basically going to be steps 1-5 of the Upgrade Guide. If you’re really going to re-install the same version, there’s no need to do step 6 (database migration) but why not at the very least upgrade to 6.7.6, the latest patch release of that version. And while we’re on the topic of upgrading, version 7.9, the new LTS, was released last week. You should jump up to it at your earliest convenience (that will require steps 6 and 7 in the upgrade guide).


Thank Ann. I am able to successfully upgrade to 7.9.1

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Hello, I have a SonarQube community edition running on a windows server 2012 machine and using MSSQL server as a database engine.
This windows machine is to be decommissioned and I have prepared a linux machine and installed the same version of the SonarQube Community edition on it and it uses PostgreSQL database engine.

Is there a way to migrate the data from MSSQL to the PostgreSQL RDBMS?

Hi @mgoutah,

You’ve resurrected a 5-year-old thread. Per the FAQ, please don’t do that. Please create a new thread with all your details.