Problem with the import of a private Gitlab group into


We would like to import a private Gitlab project into Sonarcloud :

We created a technical user in Gitlab that has minimal access to the group “organization_group” because it is not allowed to see the other repositories. This user has the role of reporter for the project “project_to_be_analyed”, which allows him to view its code.

So according to the tutorial, we tried to import the group “organization_group” and it appears that the access token of our technical user does not have the permissions:

We do not want to grant the technical user the role of owner because it is not allowed to see all the repositories for security reasons.
Could you tell us how we could import this project into, without changing the permissions of our technical user?

Thank you in advance

Hey there.

Does this post help clarify why we ask for the api permission scope?

Thank you for the link.
Our technical user does have an access token with the api permission scope so that is not the problem. The problem ist: why does that token not have the permissions as we tried to import the group?

Hey there.

Thanks, I think I initially misunderstood your question.

Yes – at creation, the token needs to have Owner permissions (basically to confirm that it’s okay to bind SonarCloud to the organization). This can be demoted later. Take a look at this thread.