Problem with rule FileLengthCheck


(Ankur) #1

I am using Sonarweb 2.6 (build 1053) plugin with SonarQube Version 6.7.4 (build 38452).

I noticed that the rule Web:FileLengthCheck is not working the way it is documented. I have some .jsp files in my web project, which have more than 1000 lines but this rule does not report any violation after the execution.

I do have enabled .jsp in the Web settings -> File suffixes (.html,.xhtml,.rhtml,.shtml,.jsp). Infact, I do see other violations being reported in JSPs but not sure why this specific rule does not report any violation.

Is this rule supposed to work only on HTML files ?

(Alexandre Gigleux) #2


So far, I’m not able to reproduce and have issues generated on .jsp files for the rule Web:FileLengthCheck.

Would you be able to provide a reproducer project? Note that you don’t need a huge file, you can tune the rule’s parameter to raise an issue on smaller files.


(Ankur) #3

I am myself not able to reproduce it now. I can see the issue reported on the jsp files that violate this rule.
I am not sure what would have led to the situation earlier.
You may pls close this topic. Thanks for your response.