Problem when user are trying to use the SSO on sonar DNS name instead of host name


We are using SSO authentication in sonar using SAML. SSO is working fine when users are trying to use the SSO on server hostname.

We see problem when user are trying to use the SSO on sonar DNS name. We see the problem that even saml authentication response is correct, sonarqube is not allowing to login and giving unauthorized error.

Error I can see in web.log web-logs-debug.log (35.1 KB) and giving error –
2022.05.30 11:13:41 DEBUG web[AYDajY2A19MtTGSBAUa5][auth.event] login failure [cause|Cookie 'OAUTHSTATE' is missing][method|OAUTH2][provider|EXTERNAL|SAML][IP|0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1|][login|]

In the browser we are redirected to url - https://server-hostname-masked/sessions/unauthorized

Complete logs of the SAML call are attached.

Do you know any suggestions, what shall we improve or change?

Thanks in advance and best regards,
web-logs-debug.log (35.1 KB)

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