Prevent to update project key due to unexpected characters

Hello @CommunityManagers ,

Currently, SonarCloud prevents updating the project key with unexpected characters (colon)

But the sonar plugin on Maven and Gradle automatically gets the project key with the pattern groupID:artifactName. So the colon (:) is always in the project key.

Now we can’t update the project key to use the Sonar Scanner plugin in Maven.


Recently we released a change which doesn’t allow to use : (colon) any more when updating the Project Key. However you are right, when using sonar plugin on Maven or Gradle, the auto generated project key contains a colon and we are aware of this edge case. You are still able to update the Project Key, if you replace the colon with a - (dash) for example. Hopefully this solution will work for you and sorry for this inconvenience.

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Important query, is this change permanent or is it temporary? I have to make the change to 370 projects, in SonarCloud and in the code of the devops pipelines. Please, I would like you to confirm if it is a change forever, before starting my adaptations.

Peter, please see the discussion here:

This is a breaking change that has a wide range implications for projects and governance including permission templates and auxiliary tooling! We are managing several hundred projects within SonarCloud and were hit by this change without any notice or potential workaround.

We have several projects that also use Maven and Gralde. But we can create/update the sonar project key to match with the generated project key by Maven/Gradle plugin.


Thank you for the feedback. We decided to revert this change for now, so : is again allowed to be used when creating/updating the project key.


Thank you, the project can now be created as before.


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