Prepare analysis on SonarCloud additional properties logging and caching

Further down the log there is a ‘ Connection reset by peer: socket write error’ which points to it being a connection issue.

Within the ‘Prepare analysis on SonarCloud’ Azure DevOps module we have set the following additional properties;


We can see that sonar.verbose = true in the log produced by the prepare analysis step but there is no logging to indicate that we have overridden the timeout. For a short while after adding these extended properties we also continued to experience what appeared to be connection issues.

  1. Should the be logged anywhere when using the devOps components?
  2. Is the original timeout cached, which means we need to wait for the cache to reset before the new timeout comes into play?

Hi @Roadkingscot,

We experienced in the past weeks some latency for reports to be processed, which might have lead to the behavior you described.

Please test again and let us know when it occurs, just for us to confirm of infirm this assumption.

Thank you.

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