Error during SonarQube Scanner Execution - Failure at https request

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  • ALM used Azure DevOps

  • CI system used Azure DevOps
    When trying to run the SonarCloud code analysis (for a T-SQL project) as part of our Azure DevOps build we are getting an ‘illegal state exception’ as shown below;

  • Scanner command used when applicable:
    2019-11-05T12:47:07.9141327Z INFO: EXECUTION FAILURE
    2019-11-05T12:47:07.9143375Z INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    2019-11-05T12:47:07.9143890Z INFO: Total time: 1:54.502s
    2019-11-05T12:47:08.1371139Z INFO: Final Memory: 77M/1507M
    2019-11-05T12:47:08.1373089Z INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    2019-11-05T12:47:08.1438163Z ##[error]ERROR: Error during SonarQube Scanner execution
    2019-11-05T12:47:08.1449685Z ##[error]java.lang.IllegalStateException: Fail to request
    2019-11-05T12:47:08.1451820Z ##[error]at
    2019-11-05T12:47:08.1452522Z at
    2019-11-05T12:47:08.1453394Z ##[error]at

We’ve had a few of these issues this morning and they are blocking our pull request, as we fail the pull request on a Code analysis failure. Any ideas what the issue is and how to potentially resolve it?

We’ve already set the timeout to an extended value of 600 (as can be seen below) within the ‘Prepare analysis on SonarCloud’ task in the Azure build. This does not appear to be logged though in the prepare log;
extraProperties: |
# Additional properties that will be passed to the scanner,
# Put one key=value per line, example:
sonar.exclusions=**/.bin, **/.cd, /.css, **/packages/., **/InstallerConfig/., **/Properties/., **/.isproj
sonar.tsql.file.suffixes = .sql
sonar.plsql.file.suffixes = tab,pkb

Prepare log:
2019-11-05T12:42:24.9042923Z ##[section]Starting: Prepare analysis on SonarCloud for #sonarqube 2019-11-05T12:42:24.9317256Z ==============================================================================
2019-11-05T12:42:24.9317408Z Task : Prepare Analysis Configuration
2019-11-05T12:42:24.9317605Z Description : Prepare SonarCloud analysis configuration
2019-11-05T12:42:24.9317692Z Version : 1.9.0
2019-11-05T12:42:24.9317741Z Author : sonarsource
2019-11-05T12:42:24.9317923Z Help : More Information
2019-11-05T12:42:24.9318041Z ==============================================================================
2019-11-05T12:42:36.0432161Z ##[section]Finishing: Prepare analysis on SonarCloud for ###


I’m closing this thread as it is a duplicate of Prepare analysis on SonarCloud additional properties logging and caching.