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  • SonarQube-8.4-developer
  • PR Decorator to display on GitLab Merge Request UI
  • I had tried to manually enable it with sonar.pullrequest.key, sonar.pullrequest.branch and sonar.pullrequest.branch.base

Our GitLab Pipeline did not utilize the “MERGE_REQUEST_EVENT” rule for pipeline auto creation instead we went for another manual approach by recognizing the “CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE = pipeline” and invoke the Merge Request Pipeline through GitLab REST API.

The scanning was done properly and results is given but the decorator does not display on GitLab Merge Request UI. Decorator shown only whenever the “MERGE_REQUEST_EVENT” rules is in placed

Anyway to force the decorator to shown on GitLab Merge Request UI?

Issue resolved with additional configuration is required on SonarQube server to configure the GitLab Instance URL manually due to the Pull Decorator Parameter is no longer auto detected by Sonar Scanner since merge request event is being omitted in our pipeline

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