PR decorations not working

We turned off automatic analysis for our repository to enable code coverage. Now, all PRs created after that are no longer in sonar cloud dashboard and PR decorations are not showing up in github. Any idea on how to fix this issue? Branches are showing up in the sonar dashboard just fine.

There is a warning, not sure if this is related.

  • The Data Dictionary is not configured for the PLSQL analyzer, which prevents rule(s) S3641, S3921, S3618, S3651 from raising issues. See PL/SQL | SonarCloud Docs


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That warning is unrelated. You can safely ignore it this context. (Altho you may still want to handle it since doing so will get you a better analysis).

I think this is going to be an issue of your CI configuration. You need to make sure it’s set up to run on both branches and PRs.