PR decoration not working Github

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  • ALM used - Github
  • CI system used - Circle CI
  • Scanner command used when applicable - shown below
  • Languages of the repository - Python
  • Only if the SonarCloud project is public, the URL - private repo
  • Error observed - PR decoration not ocurring, PR blocked by “SonarCloud Code Analysis - Waiting for status to be reported”
  • Steps to reproduce - open PR

I understand there were similar issue earlier this week which we experienced but then were resolved; shortly thereafter we started experiencing the same thing (no PR decoration) again. I first noticed it occurring around 7AM central 9/20.


Do your analysis logs end with success?

Do you see a failed entry for the analysis in Administration → Background Tasks?


The tail of the log looks like

13:07:48.679 INFO: Analysis report generated in 171ms, dir size=573 KB
13:07:48.995 INFO: Analysis report compressed in 316ms, zip size=468 KB
13:07:48.995 INFO: Analysis report generated in /home/circleci/project/.scannerwork/scanner-report
13:07:48.995 DEBUG: Upload report
13:07:49.510 DEBUG: POST 200 | time=514ms
13:07:49.512 INFO: Analysis report uploaded in 517ms
13:07:49.513 DEBUG: Report metadata written to /home/circleci/project/.scannerwork/report-task.txt
13:07:49.513 INFO: ANALYSIS SUCCESSFUL, you can find the results at:
13:07:49.513 INFO: Note that you will be able to access the updated dashboard once the server has processed the submitted analysis report
13:07:49.513 INFO: More about the report processing at
13:07:49.515 DEBUG: Post-jobs : 
13:07:49.517 INFO: Analysis total time: 37.364 s
13:07:49.518 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
13:07:49.518 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
13:07:49.518 INFO: Total time: 42.261s
13:07:49.595 INFO: Final Memory: 113M/390M
13:07:49.595 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------

No failed Background Tasks found in the Admin UI


Thanks for the detail. I’ve flagged this for expert attention.


Hi Constantino, could you PM me when you get a moment? We can hop on a zoom and take a look. We aren’t showing an issue on our end.

Thanks @ganncamp . Sending a PM myself.

how do I send you a PM? I can’t figure it out in the UI - alternatively, email at

Thanks @Constantino_Schilleb. I’m glad we were able to resolve the issue on zoom. If you have any more issues please feel free to PM me.

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