PR Decoration Stopped Working

  • ALM used (GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps) - Github
  • Languages of the repository - Py, js, java
  • Error observed (wrap logs/code around with triple quotes ``` for proper formatting) - No error
  • Potential workaround - No workaround

We have multiple repositories in our github account, we added files to each of them, enabled them in our sonarcloud UI, and also put settings in UI at<username_projectid> for settings like Provider Key: sonar.pullrequest.provider as github and the repo url as github_username/repository_name under Repository identifier Example: SonarSource/sonarqube Key: sonar.pullrequest.github.repository
The PR decoration worked for ~~60 PR’s in total and then a few days back stopped working for any of the repos.

I’m not sure as to what is wrong and cannot seem to find a log for any errors/config issues that have crept in.

I did search through the forum and saw that some people were having issues with the key they used, but we’ve not used any key as such before and it worked well.

Any help/pointers for this are really helpful?

@aurelie Could you please weigh in here?
Will using the github sonar cloud action work for my case?


Sorry for the late answer.
The recommended way to analyse GitHub repositories is to install the SonarCloud GitHub App. The settings “Provider Key” and “Repository Identifier” are misleading and should no longer be used (UX improvements to come). Could you please try to drop these settings and bind your project with the GitHub App?

Will using the github sonar cloud action work for my case?

It makes sense if your build already runs on GitHub Actions and you want to centralise the definition of pipeline in a single place.

Does that mean the analysis of pull requests correctly works (displayed in but the GitHub Checks at are not updated?