PR decoration configuration

We are using SonarQube version 8.2 and PR decoration is not configured in the same way as in version 7.x.

We are using Sonar scanner cli version but this parameters return null value now:

We get this error:
Pull request decoration did not happen. Configuration missing to decorate the Bitbucket Server pull request: BitbucketServerPrConfiguration{serverUrl=null, project=‘test’, repository=‘test-test’, id=550, headSha=‘3da541559918a808c2402bba5012f6c60b27661c’, token=null}

We know it is posible to set this with API calls to SonarQube (api/alm_settings/create_bitbucket & api/alm_settings/set_bitbucket_binding) but we would like to continue using scanner cli for this, is there a way ?

Hi Brais, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

Please note that both SonarQube 8.2 and all 7.x versions are past their end of life. We encourage you to upgrade to the latest release, 8.9.

Configuring the Pull Request decoration integration via scanner analysis parameters was deprecated and later removed and is no longer possible in the current supported release. We require the integration to be configured and validated on the server before PR decoration analysis can be attempted. There are numerous reasons for this; mainly to guarantee up-front that the communication and integration are even possible before attempting it during an analysis.

If you really insist on doing it without the UI, the API is now the only available mechanism.