PR Checks Submitted But Results Not Returning

I’m using CircleCI to run unit tests and submit SonarQube results. The tests all complete and results are available on SonarCloud - however they never show up in my GitHub PR’s. All I’m getting with the PR is:

SonarCloud Expected — Waiting for status to be reported

How can I get SonarCloud to report back to GitHub?

Thanks for reporting this, I will investigate.

Hi @kjenney and sorry for the late reply.

I suspect you probably already figured out the answer, here it is anyway for the record. The Expected status can happen if the admin of a GitHub repo configured a check to be required. In this case “SonarCloud” appears to be required. However, we changed the way we decorate, and the new mechanism uses a different name “SonarCloud Code Analysis”.

The fix is for the GitHub user with admin rights on the repo to change the required check, dropping the old one and adding the new.

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Hey @janos how are you?

I am facing this problem currently with GitHub Actions + SonarSource/sonarcloud-github-actions. When I set the SonarCloud Code Analysis execution as required for the repository, this job keeps the following status forever:

SonarCloud Expected — Waiting for status to be reported

After disabling it, the execution backs to normal, but I want to have this jobs as required to ensure that we are checking this analysis for each PR. Is there any workaround?

Hi @vhsantos26,

My answer to you is the same as above. “SonarCloud Expected …” looks strange to me, because the name of the check should be “SonarCloud Code Analysis”, and therefore the message should read “SonarCloud Code Analysis Expected …”.

I believe you should be able to fix the setting by doing the following:

  • Disable the “SonarCloud” check (that will never come anyway)
  • Run an analysis, that should generate a “SonarCloud Code Analysis” check
  • Update your branch protection settings to make “SonarCloud Code Analysis” required

If this doesn’t work, then please attach a screenshot of your branch protection setting on GitHub.

Hi, @janos ,we use github action run SonarCloud Code Analysis. But some checks encountered
“Waiting for status to be reportedf”, some did not.

Can you please take a look.

Looking at the PR now (big thanks for the link, always great help!), it looks like the status did arrive in the end. Let us know if there’s still an issue!

Hi Jave, how are you ? How did you managed to solve this error ?

I am also facing the same issue even with SonarCloud Code Analysis also if the PR is having multiple commits. The alternate ways to fix this to retrigger the checks by added an empty commit.
$ git commit -m “retrigger checks” --allow-empty
$ git push

Also in the trigger, you should have enabled synchronize on PR.

- main
- main
types: [opened, reopened, synchronize]