PR Checks Submitted But Results Not Returning

I’m using CircleCI to run unit tests and submit SonarQube results. The tests all complete and results are available on SonarCloud - however they never show up in my GitHub PR’s. All I’m getting with the PR is:

SonarCloud Expected — Waiting for status to be reported

How can I get SonarCloud to report back to GitHub?

Thanks for reporting this, I will investigate.

Hi @kjenney and sorry for the late reply.

I suspect you probably already figured out the answer, here it is anyway for the record. The Expected status can happen if the admin of a GitHub repo configured a check to be required. In this case “SonarCloud” appears to be required. However, we changed the way we decorate, and the new mechanism uses a different name “SonarCloud Code Analysis”.

The fix is for the GitHub user with admin rights on the repo to change the required check, dropping the old one and adding the new.

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