PR annotation not working

PR annotation is not working, how can we diagnose this? (e.g. are there logs?)


  • PR with SonarCloud build is setup
  • VSTS Personal Access Token and VSTS as SCM Provider are set on General -> Pull Request Page
  • SC analysis is executed
  • SC shows issues with the Pull Request
  • PR is NOT annotated with the issues <-- would like to troubleshoot this


Hi Michel,

Is it a open source project? If so, could you please post the link to the project? Thanks.

Hi Duarte

No, it’s not.
Organization: quadrotech
Project Key: cms-api


@dmeneses Can you look at the logs or tell me how I can do it myself?
I’d really like to get this running ASAP, seems like such a good thing to have on PR’s

Could you please send me the command line used to scan the PR and the logs of the scanner?
Feel free to mask things and send it as a private message if it contains sensitive information.

Sure. Could you point me in the right direction on how to send a private message though? I can’t seem to locate this functionality :smiley:

I’ve sent you a private message to which you can reply.

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The issue was Token related, we created a new Token and used it, then it started to work.


I’m using a SonarCloud trial to set up a PoC to demo pull request decoration to my fellow devs & management. I’ve been following the documentation of the SonarCloud VSTS lab ( and, while sonarcloud analyses my branch and finds (expected) issues, these issues are not decorated in my PR as in the original post.

I’ve already tried creating a new token, but this doesn’t resolve the issue for me. What can I do to troubleshoot this connection?

You should probably create a new thread and describe your issue