PR annotation not working (azure devops)


Basically I have the same issue with a new project that I had a year ago:

Unfortunately the solution back then to generate a new Token and just use this did not work.
Are there any logs you can find and share with me?
The project key is “qt-transponder-msg-consumer” and the Organization is “Quadrotech”


Hi Michel, nice to see you again :slight_smile:

I’ve just checked and looks like there were successful analyses since you posted your question: have you found what the problem was?

Hi Fabrice

Thanks for the reply. We haven’t found the problem yet. The analyses are successful, but they don’t post back the Status to Azure DevOps, or create PR annotations in Azure DevOps… Can you see anything on the server side logs?

Can you give me the task ID of a PR analysis which failed to decorate the PR in Azure DevOps, so that it’s easier for us to search for it. Ideally, a recent one.

Hi Fabrice

Here is a Task ID from today: AWptMRtfUanQDuOXx-yb


Hi Michel,

we looked into the logs and I could find:

Failed to decorate VSTS Pull Request: TF50309: The following account does not have sufficient permissions to complete the operation: SonarCloud Bot. The following permissions are needed to perform this operation: View project-level information.

So this explains why the PR is not decorated.

There should be a warning in the Web UI on your project, at the top right corner of the page. Something like:

But it looks like it’s not the case for that error, so we’ll fix this.


Thanks Fabrice!
That explains it.

Yes, that information would have been very helpful as a warning in the WebUI :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!