Potential FP on S1612

@saberduck does S1612 support handling of ambiguity now?


This is 1-by-1 case, as described in https://jira.sonarsource.com/browse/SONARJAVA-2795
DiagnosticCode class has instance method getStringValue() and static method getStringValue(DiagnosticCode)

Hello @nixel2007,

Indeed, in SONARJAVA-2795 we removed most of the FP for ambiguous calls, but we missed one small corner case that you are facing here. I described it in SONARJAVA-3378.

While investigating the issue, I ended up writing the fix, there is already a PR on the way, and it should be part of the next version, so you can expect the problem to disappear soon enough!


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Hello, @Quentin! Cool, thank you!

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