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We have Enterprise edition and I am admin of sonar, when I want to create portfolio, I got an error said “insufficient privileges” but portfolio is created then I am not able to add any project to it. Would you please support?

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Hi @esepjav,

I would bet on a permission template misconfiguration.
Could you check in the permission template of Portfolios that the admin group or the admin user has the “Browse” permission ?
If not, you should set it, and then to fix the already created Portfolios you can update the permission in “Administration” -> “Projects” -> “Management”.

Julien Lancelot


We added missing permission to admin user, but still we have issue. Would you please explain more? we have trial license is it possible that makes issue?

@julienlancelot ulien Lancelot
Is it possible for you to help us with this issue?

I’m sorry but I’ve no idea how to help you more.

As you’re using an Enterprise Edition, I recommend you to contact our Support engineers who will gladly help you.

It is trail license and we don’t have support on that. :frowning:

It looks like you’ve added some global permissions to the user – but that isn’t the same as adjusting the permission template as @julienlancelot suggested.

To restore access to existing portfolios that might lack the required permissions for your admin user, you Restore Access to the portfolio by clicking on the menu listed for each portfolio on the global Administration > Projects > Management page.


Thanks, Would you please let me know how we can add projects to portfolios?

I would start with our documentation on Managing Portfolios and Applications.

This is only for site admin. What about users how they can access to portfolios and add projects?