PHP Laravel Project on Sonar Cloud Error

Hi I am getting an error when Trying to add PHP Laravel Project on Sonar Cloud

Your analysis with ID “e87fdb79-7d0b-4719-8d1c-88be35b0604b” has failed: your number of lines exceeds your organization plan. Edit billing info or See details in Background Tasks Or see troubleshooting documentation

Kindly advise My Line of code less and I have 250K available already. Please advise what is the issue and How Can I resolve . Kindly advise step by step to follow if possible with screenshot

Looking forward your urgent reply.


Hello @salmanch92 ,

Could you send us the following information so that we can better investigate the problem?

  • What is the name of your organization?
  • Are all scans failing or just one of a specific branch or pull request?
  • How many lines of code are still available in your plan (go to your organization → administration → billing)?