Your number of lines exceeds your organization plan

Good night,
I have a problem configuring SonarCloud for my project’s repositories.
SonarCloud runs on the Bitbucket pipeline and did the configuration on the staging branch first to add the SonarCloud Token.
When adding SonarCloud to the Master branch, I am receiving the following error alert (‘Your analysis with ID “AXLhQxo0VvDCrY0D95og” has failed: your number of lines exceeds your organization plan. Edit billing info or See details in Background Tasks Or see troubleshooting documentation’ ).
The project has less than 7k lines.

I need help to correctly configure SonarCloud in my project.


Welcome to the Community!

Just to clarify, you do have a paid plan, correct?

Yes, we have a paid plan.

“100k private lines of code for €10 per month”

We have identified the problem. Our project doesn’t just have 7k lines, it has more than the contracted plan supports.
Thanks for listening.

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