Permit ElasticSearch alternative

Can you add the possibility to use an alternative like:

Thank you

Hi @sycured,

Welcome to the community!
Can you please elaborate on why you want to replace Elasticsearch? Do you have face some problems?


Hi Christophe,

I’m not facing some problems excepted having the best infrastructure and performance/cost ratio.
Actually, I’ve 0 ElasticSearch because I use Toshi and Sonic (depending of the project).

A few years ago, I was facing the eternal disk space usage/provisioning issue with ElasticSearch and I try to avoid having it again.

My actual workaround is a scheduled job running each 3 days doing:

  1. stop sonarqube
  2. delete data/es6 or data/es7 directory (depending of the version)
  3. start sonarqube

It’ll be better to have the possibility to use an alternative to ElasticSearch or having the possibility to link SonarQube (also community edition) to an external ElasticSearch cluster

Thanks for sharing.

Note that, when you drop the es directory, Elasticseach indexes are built again and it should result in the same situation as before. The size of the indexes depends on the usage you make of your SonarQube instance.

So I need to clean/delete old scans from the DB…

Usage-type startup iterating quickly to be ready for an event

The top 3 projects are:

  • proj 1: 5 and 10 scans/week
  • proj 2: 2 to 5 scans/day
  • proj 3: 1 to 10 scans/day

Can you help me to Automate the same Task : Stop:Delete:start task.
As now its manual process. but i would like to automate it .