Pass SAML Group to Sonarqube

Hi folks, I’m using AWS SSO as authentication provider for SonarQube and now I’m wondering if it is possible to sync AWS SSO groups with SonarQube groups to delegate SonarQube permissions more easily.

When you configuring SAML auth, there is a section for specifying SAML group attribute and even if I have that attribute in my mapping, I do not see any new groups in SonarQube.
Am I doing something wrong or it is expected flow and SAML group is not supported yet?


Group synchronization won’t create groups in SonarQube for you; those have to already exist. Once they do (same spelling and… case-sensitive IIRC) then group membership will be synched on login.

Does that help / make sense in your situation?


Hi Ann,
Thx for your reply, that works!

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