Pagination in UI doesn't work


(Sana Muqim) #1
  • versions used (SonarQube 7.1)
  • Navigation through list of rules doesn’t work when filters are selected. Basically looks like there is an issue with pagination
  • steps to reproduce

On a project, with few hundred issue after some filter is selected, try to navigate to the last issue.
for example
your sonar project-> issues-> some filter

in my example it was showing something like
60 of 368 shown Show More
clicked show more
108 of 368 shown Show More
clicked show more
166 of 368 shown Show More
clicked show more
206 of 368 shown Show More – after this it does not work

there is no way to get to issues after 206

My assumption is,
if final number is less than double of current then it stops working
like here
x= 206
2x= 412
368 < 412, so it stops working

*potential workaround

  • None that I can get to,
    Maybe if there a way to set number of issues to be loaded by default?

(G Ann Campbell) #2


I’m unable to reproduce this on Next. I can’t find a specific ticket for this, but we did some work on rule navigation in 7.2 and I believe it may have been fixed as a side effect. Can you recreate your problem on Next? And if so, how?


(Sana Muqim) #3

I cannot reproduce it on Next, can you confirm which version it was fixed in. Since “next” is 7.3?

(G Ann Campbell) #4


As I said, I’m not finding the ticket for this; I believe it was fixed as a side effect of other rules navigation work that was done in 7.2.


(Sana Muqim) #5

Thanks Ann for your quick response.

(G Ann Campbell) #6

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