OWASP Dependency Check 8.3.1 fails with exit code 13 on azure pipeline task

I created a template using the OWASP Dependency check plugin task in Azure Pipeline.

I pass the Dependency file of c# it works sometimes.some time fails.
if I run 10 times pipeline 3 times it fails.
Does anyone have any suggestions for this BUG?

  • task: dependency-check-build-task@6
    displayName: “OWASP Scan”
    projectName: “API”
    scanPath: “src/**/DependencyInjection.cs”
    format: “XML, HTML”
    dependencyCheckVersion: 8.2.1
    retryCountOnTaskFailure: 5
    continueOnError: true


Sorry, but you’re going to have to ask the DependencyCheck community for this one.