Overview scrren showing bugs, Issues screen is empty

1.Sonarqube version

2.we have integrated jenkins with sonar qube server to pull out a report on the code coverage statistics
3.I can able to successfully scan my source code and coverage is published on the dashboard but when i click on the issues Issues Tab section under our project,its not showing anything. but can see my project reported some bugs and vulnerabilities.

Hello @Krishna_Chaitanya,

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The behaviour you describe sound a lot like a problem of search index corruption.
Can you try the following:

  • Stop SonarQube
  • Delete the index (delete the <SONARQUBE_HOME>/data/es6 directory)
  • Restart SonarQube, this will take a bit of time to rebuild the index (depends on your database size)
  • Check again if issues are showing

If they still does not show, please send screenshots and a zip of your <SONARQUBE_HOME>/logs directory