Optional full analysis of short-lived branch

Sometimes developers want to fix a lot of code issues at once in a feature branch so they want to know which issues are still left overall. There should be a way to switch between the “diff” analysis wrt to the target branch and the “full” analysis. I am sure this has already been discussed but i can not find a thread here in the forum.
Is there a combination of the sonar.branch.name and sonar.branch.target to achieve this behaviour?


With the upcoming release of Sonarqube 8.1, there will be only one kind of branch - no more
short-lived / long-lived branches.
see https://jira.sonarsource.com/projects/SONAR/versions/15243

Thanks for the info! I found the related MMF issue https://jira.sonarsource.com/browse/MMF-1786 which contains:

However, the overall info may be useful to follow what happens in the branch, to fix critical/blocker bugs or vulnerabilities in the existing code, to review some hotspots. Users should have the possibility, at any point in time, to see overall info for the branches they are interested in. Ideally, the info should always be available.

So i would assume that it will be possible to see all issues also in branches in SQ.