Option to Remove Confidential Header on the Executive Report


Can we submit a feature request for an option to remove and/or modify the Confidential header from the Executive Report as we want to use these reports but sans the Confidential header?

Please let us know. Thank you


Hi Luis,

We’ve added this confidential header in reports to help users protect the information that can be shared with these reports. This information can be considered sensitive by some organizations.
Is there a specific reason why you want to remove it? Is this a problem in your case?


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In Gov the definition of Confidential is a classified designation:

(3) Confidential. Information may be classified “Confidential” if its unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause damage to the national security. Except as otherwise provided by statute, no other terms shall be used to identify classified information. Terms or phrases such as “For Official Use Only” or “Limited Official Use” shall not be used to identify national security information. No other term or phrase shall be used in conjunction with these national security information designations, such as “Secret Sensitive” or “Agency Confidential” to identify national security information.



Can you please provide a status update on this request?

Thank you

Thanks for sharing, Luis. We appreciate you took the time to share it.
We’ll keep a record of this and continue to look out for similar requests. We’ll update this thread if anything changes.