Bring back Security Reports

We are looking to buy SonarQube developer edition and Cloud, but between 7.7 and 7.8 the security reports are considered executive reports?

Not sure I agree this is 100% executive, I agree it was a really useful view for developer to show senior managers how things are going, but it was also useful see how things are going in the team.

Yes I see the information is still available in the issues, but just feels it was moved without any mention in the release notes?

Hello @elduddz,

Thanks for coming back to us about Security Reports. We thought, and maybe that’s a mistake, that Security Reports are targeting users who needs to report compliance vs well known standards at management level, which we expect to be present starting only in the large companies that are typically Enterprise Edition customers.

Let’s see how it goes and if we have more users requesting this compliance feature.


We need this also back in the Developer Edition as the developers need to report about security compliance, not the managers.

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