On prem - msbuild api get /api/server/version failed to request and prase

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • which versions are you using (SonarQube, Scanner, Plugin, and any relevant extension)
  • what are you trying to achieve
  • what have you tried so far to achieve this

version: 7.9.1 (build 27448)

Team City
2018.2.2 (build 61245)

Team City: SonarScanner for MSBuild begin anaysis - version

SQ user Account does have “god mode”

I am getting this error from Team City Build

If I verify the endpoint

I also updated two files off SQ Server and the Team City build agent

What is wrong?


Your analysis log (please copy/paste the log text in future) indicates the server returned a 503. Either you’re going to find an error in your server logs or you’ve got something on the network in between your analysis machine and your SonarQube instance that’s interfering.


I change the log level to “trace”

This is what I found in ce log

This is what I found in web log

What does the value 4 represent?


You’re looking for ERROR-level logs. When you find them, please copy/paste the text of the full stacktrace, rather than sending a screenshot.


I created a empty “sonar.log” file, ran CI build to reproduce the the issue. Nothing was entered into the logs.
The only thing I see in the file is the last screen shot above on my question “What does the value 4 represent”

I checked SQ server event viewer and found no logs.

CI log error states its unable to parse “” - I have tested on a separate computer, we are able to get SQ version without any credentials provided. This issue is very frustrating with the limited information. Are you able to provide a high level sequential flow on what “SonarScanner for MSBuild: begin analysis” is trying to do.
What I can figure out…

CI --------------------------------------------------------> SQ
Loading analysis properties
Updating build integration targets
Checks SonarQube.Integration.ImportBefore.targets
CI <-------------------------------------------------------- SQ
Installed SonarQube.Integration.targets
CI --------------------------------------------------------> SQ
Fetching analysis configuration settings…
Downloading from “/sonar/api/server/version”

Crashes… From what server to server is it trying to do?


This is a different error that the one you started this thread with. What is the response you get to that version URL? The scanner starting by getting the server version. It’s expecting a bare-bones text response.


This is exactly the same issue. If you notice in my first post screen shot from Team City Build. The blue font is the url that is failing to parse