Old issue became new?

Hi :slight_smile:
I run into one curious riddle - there is critical issue on file that was for long time and as such was marked “last year”. But today it suddenly got upgraded by sonar to “2 hours ago” and quality gate crashed as there was new critical issue… could somebody explain why timestamp on issue could get changed?

  1. that issue is for year at least, it is not new (it is very old)…
  2. source code file (in branch that was analyzed) was not updated (it was updated in another branch but it got not analyzed)
  3. sonar was updated to newer version more than 1.5 weeks ago and I checked on clone - upgrade did not changed timestamp on issue
  4. there was a lot analyses since upgrade
  5. there is another issue with that rule in same sonar project but it was and still is “last year”
    Any ideas, advises?


Off-hand, it sounds like you had a wobble in your configuration. I’d guess someone was playing around with analysis settings (value of sonar.sources, or exclusions, or…), and made changes that first excluded, and then re-included the file in analysis.

In 7.4 (E.T.A. later this month) we’ve made changes that would re-open the old issue in such a case, but before that the behavior is that the old issue is closed and a new one is opened.

If you look at closed issues on the file, you might be able to figure out a little bit more (such as when the old issue was closed). Unfortunately, we don’t change-log settings, so you probably won’t be able to tell exactly who/what/when changes were made and then put back. :-/