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We setup Okta SAML + SonarQube per usual. What we then experience is that once Okta drops you off at SonarQube:
We need to click ‘go home’ via SonarQube, which then pushes us to an unauthenticated ‘projects’ page . We then need to hit the button in the top-right to login. Where we then click a SonarQube button to ‘login with Okta’. Which DOES log us in.

This is not what we are looking for.

If i close that page and click the SonarQube link from Okta again: this repeats.

I understand that the ‘How to set up Okta’ page does say to not allow the icon to users. Which leads to the expectation that they will need to goto the SonarQube directly, and then bounce back.
What gets me on this, is that we have other apps that are setup the same and they work. SonarQube is the only one that doesnt work.

Hey there.

What link is Okta taking you to?

Internally, when we login to a SonarQube instance via SSO (we use JumpCloud, not Okta), the URL is


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Do you have a little more information on this?
Inside jumpcloud, where do you set that URL?
I’m looking at ‘Single sign-on URL’, ‘Recipient URL’, or ‘Destination URL’

What we did, that wasnt listed in the docs, that I saw anywhere.:

We setup an okta ‘bookmark’ app. Its just a pointer to w/e web url you put in there.
We tied the bookmark app to the same group that provides access.

So now, users in one group, they get two apps, but only see the bookmark app.

Everything seems to work fine.

Thanks Colin.

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