Numbers given by sonar dont match for packages and subpackages


I have an issue with metrics displayed on SonarQube. In the sceenshot, you can see that the metrics for a package is shown less than that of a folder inside the package, which isn’t right ideally.

Hi @Chandanas,

Which version of SonarQube are you using?

I’m using the Enterprise Edition 8.4.2.


If you drill down into src/, what number shows up? 45’151 or 45’152? I’m wondering if it’s tied to an issue raised on the src folder itself (in addition to issues on files it contains). Is there an issue on src, as far as you can tell/see? Perhaps a Code Smell about a missing file?

Not sure what was the issue. The numbers have changed now and its coinciding.Thanks for the response anyway!

Hi @Chandanas,

Thanks for reporting back :slight_smile:. Ok, I’m closing this as a non-reproducible error for now :+1:.


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