Null Reference while checking CSS rules

Hi Sonar Community,

I’ve recently tried to get SonarQube working on my build server. I have a fairly large code base (Mostly C# files).If i build a few of my solutions SonarQube seems to work perfectly but If i try do a full system build SonarQube Analysis seems to fail. I’ve had some issues with memory allocation which I’ve managed to resolve, however the latest issue I’m getting is just a null reference with no real stack trace of possible errors.

Has any one else experienced something along these lines before?

Hi @andrevosloo043,

Could you let me know the version of your SonarQube server and its edition?


Hi Amaury,

We are currently using the latest community version (SonarQube 7.3)

Could you try to relaunch the analysis with the debug verbosity (add /d:sonar.verbose=true during the begin step) and give us the full log of the end step?

There seems to be a problem with SonarCSS.

Hi Amaury,

We have seemed to came right thank you, it turned out to be a 3rd party application that we had on our side which was causing it to fail :slight_smile:

Hi Andre,

Can you share more details in how exactly it was causing the analysis to fail ? This could other members of this community that would be experiencing a similar error.

Hi Nicolas,

The 3rd party java script files were seeming to cause the problem, we weren’t sure exactly what was the issue inside of them, however when we excluded them the build seemed to have worked successfully. Unfortunately i do not have more details on the reason of failure.