Notification settings per organization

I want to receive some types of notifications (such as “New quality gate status” or “Issues resolved as false positive or won’t fix”) for all projects in my SonarCloud organization. To do this, I currently have to add each project manually. This is not only quite cumbersome, but also means I can easily forget to do this if new projects are added by another member or a CI job.

Please allow users to define their own default notification settings for each organization they are a member of.

Optionally, one could also allow organization administrators to set up the defaults for all their users (which the users can still override).


Thank you for this feedback.
We already have a ticket about improving notification management:
Following your feedback, I added the possibility of managing notifications by organizations in the ticket description.



Hi Laura!

Thanks! Reading that description, I would like to suggest a minor addition to make sure my use case is covered:

  • Apply a given configuration to all projects of an organization (even those created later)

Without that addition, your description could mean that my preference for an organization is only applied to the current projects (“organization” just being a way to filter the projects list). However, my main point is it should be persisted separately so that it applies to projects created later.

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Makes sense indeed. I added it to the description :slightly_smiling_face:


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I see that SONAR-10030 was closed as fixed in September. @Laura, do you have any info on if/when the feature lands on SonarCloud? Or is it already available and the “Apply to all projects of an organization created later” part was not implemented?