I would like to have a project template


(Maxwell) #1

Hi guys, would be nice to have a project template in the organisation level that would inherent settings like the pull request, live short, quality gates, rules, well everything that can be customised at project level and is set to a default after first scan.

(Fabrice Bellingard) #2


Can you give a list of settings you need to share across several new projects? For instance, you can already define the default quality profiles and quality gate that must be applied for every new project.

Also, can you share what your environment is?

  • Are you using GitHub, BitBucket Cloud or Azure Devops?
  • What CI tool/service are you relying on?

(Maxwell) #3

Hi Fabrice,

We are using Github, sonar maven plugin to send the analysis, running on Jenkins.

At the moment for every new project we have to configure:

– Github pull request settings. (Beside of repo name, its always the same, so it would be great to avoid that configuration every time).
– New code period.
– Location for java external reports (checkstyle, findbugs, …).

Yes we have custom Gate and Profile being applied using the default mechanism.


(Fabrice Bellingard) #4

Hi Maxwell,

thanks for clarifying your needs! To me, this relates to the ability to define organization level settings. Since this is not the first time I hear such a need, I initiated an idea that will help us track all those needs and therefore push this feature forward at some point of time.

Thanks for your feedback!