Notification about new SonarQube version available links to "wrong" .zip file


not really sure if this is a bug or an enhancement request but here it goes :wink:

I recently upgraded an instance of SonarQube 7.9.1 from Community to Developer Edition. Update completed, license applied - everything runs as expected. Shortly after SonarQube 8.0 got released and I got the notification in the Adminstration Tab. I clicked the convenient link and got a which I promptly used to update my instance. When starting up I noticed that I was back to the Community Edition - reason being that the zip that was linked and downloaded by me was indeed for that Edition.

To be fair, stupid me did not double check the contents of the .zip file - however it would be great if the link in the notification could point to the currently installed Edition right away.

Hello @strangelookingnerd,

Thanks for reporting this.
We’ve recently done an improvement to point to the appropriate edition. This should be available in the next versions of SonarQube.


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Thanks for the feedback!