Not authorized to perform analysis as admin

Command I’m using to try to analyze the project (within project dir):
gradle sonar
-Dsonar.projectKey=(key generated for me) address of host and port 9000)
-Dsonar.login=(key generated for me)“C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11”
–warning-mode all

./gradlew sonar
-Dsonar.projectKey=(key generated for me) and Port)
-Dsonar.login=(key generated for me)

I received the ./gradlew sonar command from the dashboard after logging in as admin, but I’m getting the following error when I try to run the commands (after altering it to be executable on my machine):
“You’re not authorized to run analysis. Please contact the project administrator.”

As far as I know, I AM the project admin for right now. I’ve seen other posts recommend to add an organization key property as well, but:
A- I have no idea what that means, and thus no idea what to input to get this to work.
B- Shouldn’t that have been generated with the command, like the login, project key, etc?

For further info that might help, I specified for SonarQube to use Java 11 within the command, when I’m executing that command, I’m within a directory holding the project files, I’m hosting SonarQube as a docker container on an AWS EC2 instance with an x86 OS and no other purpose (SonarQube, Gradle, and Docker are the only things installed aside from OS defaults). Lastly, yes I did in fact add the SonarQube plugin to my build.gradle file. I have been trying to configure this thing for literal days now, and now I’m suddenly “Not authorized”? I cannot figure this out, I need some help. I just want to run an analysis on the stupid files so I can be done with my task.


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No need for that. That’s only used by SonarCloud.

Does the first version of the command work? Are you certain the analysis token is correct? BTW, you can generate a new token to make sure: [your avatar at the top, right] → My Account → Security.


You need to start Gradle with Java 11. By the time analysis properties are read, it’s too late; the JVM - of whatever version - is already up & running.

Long-term, you’ll ideally move analysis to a different host than the one SonarQube runs on.