Not able to see coverage report on Short lived branches

we were able to see code coverage on the master branch for all lines, but can not see coverage on all lines for short-lived branches. please help us on it.

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Please provide more details if you want to get helped:

  • When you say that you do not see coverage, what do you exactly see?
  • Are you tests executed before analyzing the other branches?
  • Can you share the logs?

we can see all .cs files and were covered on master branch, but we cant see all .cs files when it was ran on feature branch. and can look into uploaded pictures.

Note: Feature branch was created from master.

we ran test cases before Analyzing branhces.

Any update on this?

The short-lived branch is doing a comparison to master, so you will only see files here that are different to master (MemberProfileFunctions.cs with a coverage of 100%)

If you want to see the full coverage for all files then I would recommend do a long life branch,

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