Not able to disable "Skip analysis for SCM ignored file" Sonarlint on VsCode

Hello, for a few days now I have been trying to get SonarLint to work on Vscode. I tested on simple projects (without git) and no problem.

Then I ended up testing on a bigger typescript project. This project contains several git directories (all these directories are under the umbrella of a “parent” git directory).

The problem :
No problem is reported by SonarLint, so I activated the logs and here is the problem:

> [Debug - 09:18:38.811] Fetching configuration for folder 'null'
> [Debug - 09:18:38.815] Fetching configuration for folder 'file:///d:/2021-08-25
> [Debug - 09:18:46.916] File 'file:///d:/Folder2021-08-25/packages/extensions/finder/finder/src/backend/server-impl.ts' closed. Cleaning diagnostics.
> [Debug - 09:18:48.266] Queuing analysis of file 'file:///d:/2021-08-25/packages/extensions/finder/src/backend/server-impl.ts'
> [Debug - 09:18:48.390] Cached SCM ignore status for file 'file:///d:/2021-08-25/packages/extensions/finder/src/backend/server-impl.ts'
> [Debug - 09:18:48.390] Skip analysis for SCM ignored file: 'file:///d:/2021-08-25/packages/extensions/finder/src/backend/server-impl.ts'

I haven’t found any solution, or even a hint of a solution to fix this problem on sonarLint.

Thank you in advance for your help.


> Version: 1.60.0 (user setup)
> Commit: e7d7e9a9348e6a8cc8c03f877d39cb72e5dfb1ff
> Date: 2021-09-01T10:41:52.311Z
> Electron: 13.1.8
> Chrome: 91.0.4472.164
> Node.js: 14.16.0
> V8:
> OS: Windows_NT x64 10.0.19042

SonarLint (VsCode ): v2.2.0

SonarLint on VsCode settings:

sonarlint.disableTelemetry": true,
"sonarlint.rules": {
      "javascript:S103": {
        "level": "on",
        "parameters": {
          "maximumLineLength": "151"
      "typescript:S103": {
        "level": "on",
        "parameters": {
          "maximumLineLength": "200"
      "python:S117": {
        "level": "off"
      "python:S1542": {
        "level": "off"
"sonarlint.output.showAnalyzerLogs": true,
 "sonarlint.output.showVerboseLogs": true

Hello, @GhioRodolphe
Welcome to the community! Thank you for your report.
I have sample project with parent project and two child projects, and i’m unable to reproduce this problem. All issues are reported.

Can you elaborate more about project structure? I think that contents of .gitignore files can be important.
Or even better - would be great if you will upload sample project to reproduce.

At first, thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately I can’t transmit the source files of the project.

Sorry I didn’t mention the .gitignore file.
The problem comes from a .gitignore file present in the git called father, by deleting the .gitignore I have no more problem.
Here is what the project structure looks like in a simplified way;

    ▒   ▒▒▒▒.git
    ▒   ▒▒▒▒Project <- ignored
    ▒   ▒▒▒▒.git
    ▒   ▒▒▒▒Project <- ignored

In the directory I have a .gitignore file that lists the two child (child_1 and child_2)

My goal is to keep the .gitignore file while having a SonarLint that analyzes the files in the project.

Maybe there is a configuration that would allow this.
I saw that for SonarQube it exists: sonar.scm.exclusions.disabled=true

I hope that the elements brought will be useful to you.

Thanks for your response with this nice visual scheme.
Child projects are ignored on the parent level, you opened parent project in VSCode - so in this case i think it’s pretty mush expected to have this behavior.
Two possible workarounds for this project structure are:

  1. Temporary unignore child project and let SonarLint analyze it.
  2. Open child projects one by one in different VSCode instances.

We will consider this a corner case and keep track on it.