NodeJS v20 support

I upgraded from 9.9 to 10.2.1 and when browsing through the projects I saw the message The last analysis has warnings. See details which led to a popup saying Node.js version 20 is not recommended, you might experience issues. Please use a recommended version of Node.js [16, 18]

I wanted to know what this issues could be (didnt find any topics here) and when we can expect NodeJS v20 support in the scanner (we are using the Azure DevOps extension)

Hello @michha,

Node 20 is supported, but it seems we may have forgotten to remove the message. Can you share the debug logs of your analysis, please?


Hi @michha,

ok, no need to share the logs, it seems the version where we did remove the message for Node 20 (SonarJS 10.6) was not part of SQ 10.2.1 (shipped with 10.5.1).

In any case, you can safely ignore the message.



Thanks for clarification. Will SQ 10.3 fix be shipping with SonarJS 10.6+?

Hi @michha,

Yes, it will.

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