No "Source files should not have any duplicated blocks" in SonarLint

A am using IntelliJ IDEA v 2019.1.3, SonarLint v
I can’t check my code on compliance with rule “Source files should not have any duplicated blocks”. As I understood from this message
Frequently asked questions (Why are issues reported in SonarQube, but not in SonarLint connected mode?) It is happening because this rule is not part of rules from SonarSource analyzer but is part of third party analyzer.
Could you please confirm it?

Hi @Pasha3295

This is not for the same reason. Issues about lack of coverage or too many duplications are what we call “second level issues”, because they depends on other measures computed during the same analysis.
Since SonarLint is not computing coverage not duplication, those issues can’t be reported.

I will update the FAQ, good catch.