No SonarCloud Code Analysis check on github


I saw some topic that seems to be on the same topic, but none of them actually helped me on this problem.
I’m using sonarcloud on this open source project: /

CI system is GitHub Action SonarSource/sonarcloud-github-action@v1.4

The scan is OK, even the pull request decoration, but the “SonarCloud Code Analysis” check is never raised.

I tried some solution found in this issue: SonarCloud Code Analysis Expected- onoging issues
See this PR:

The project repository has moved recently, so the bound of the sonarcloud project is on the previous github project. Is it possible this could explain the problem? In that case, how to fix the bound link between the sonarcloud project and the github project?

Thank you

Hello Alexis!

Thanks for reaching out. The move of the project explains the problem. Unfortunately, we do not support the case when the project was moved between organizations (we handle only renaming of the repository). In your case, you have to import the project from the new organization (the organization you moved your project to) in order for it to correctly work. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hello Marcin

Thank you for your answer.
I’m not sure to understand whar you mean by “import the project from the new organization”.
We already have an organization in sonarcloud:

The project is in there, but I don’t know what I can do more.

Thank you

Hello Alexis,

Before the SLUG of the repo was djaiss/officelife and now it is officelifehq/officelife. That means it moved from djaiss to officelifehq, do I understand that correctly? Can you try to click the plus icon -> ‘Analyze new project’ -> select ‘officelifehq’ as organization and ‘officelife’ as project? There is no way to bind existing project in sonarcloud from ‘djaiss/officelife’ to ‘officelifehq/officelife’, you have to import it once more.


Actually, the project is already bind here, I cannot re-import:

Is it possible to unbind a project from its github repo/project?
Are we forced to delete it and recreate it? We would very like to not loose all data :frowning:

Dear Alexis,

Are we forced to delete it and recreate it?

I am afraid this may be the case.

Can you try to trigger analysis one more time? I want to recheck few things.


Hi Marcin

I’ve re-triggered the PR/build and … it worked!

Did you made a change or a fix? Anyway, thank you very much!!


Hi Alexis,

There was a new deployment of SonarCloud that could potentially solve your issue. I am glad that it works!


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