Newbie User -- Simple Question? How do you logout?

(John Dove) #1

Hello Sonar Community,

Thanks in advance for any advice on this – really basic question.

I installed Sonar 7.3 successfully – runs fine.

I can successfully login with default user: admin / admin

My question: Where is the LOGOUT button?

I do not see it anywhere on the Sonar web page.

I have googled this and cannot find any information on where the LOGOUT button is. Again, I am logged-in with the default admin / admin user.

(Grégoire Aubert) #2

You can find a “Log out” entry in the menu when you click on your user’s avatar. It’s at the top right of the global navigation bar :

(John Dove) #3

Hi Gregoire,
Thanks for the quick reply.
Thank you very much.
I will check it out.

(John Dove) #4

Thanks again Gregoire.
Just as a follow-up.
Problem solved.

I originally could NOT see the LOGOUT button because Microsoft “Internet Explorer 11” would NOT scroll the page over to the RIGHT-SIDE completely. This appears to be an IE 11 problem.

I downloaded Fire Fox and it worked.
With Fire Fox I could successfully scroll-over and see the avatar, and then access the LOGOUT option.