Sonar login session for a user is not working as expected

SonarQube 7.8

We have recently upgraded sonarqube from 6.7.1 to 7.8. After the upgrade, we set up SAML for Azure SSO integration. When I login to sonarqube and then logout, the session logs out and when I again try to login, the pages reload as if it is logged in, but I am not logged in.
Is there an issue in session maintenance for the sonarqube 7.8? When I try the same in incognito, I can login for the first time ut when I logout, the same issue occurs.
The same happens for a normal user created from the user management page.


First of all, could you please tell us which version of the sonar-auth-saml plugin you are using ?
Then, could you please set your server in DEBUG log (in Administration > System > Log level), log in and out and send us the last logs of logs/web.log ?