New schema created after upgrade?

Hi there,

I had some trouble when updating 7.9.1 (LTS) to 8.6.1. The process update works fine for me, but when I load the project page nothing… all my data wiped ! :astonished:
After some investigation I noticed that the migration create all table on different schema… (dbo)
I put “snr” for schema name on the first install and now the upgrage process targets to “dbo” so that why II got no data i think.
Do I should setup schema name in conf ? (normally attached to sql user ?)


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FYI, I’ve moved your question to a new thread because it seemed different than the one you’d posted in.

It looks to me like you missed step #3 of the Upgrade Guide. Any time you’re upgrading you need to make sure the new instance is pointing to the same DB & schema that the old one was.


Hi Ann,

Thanks. Actually I follow the upgrade guide like each time. I opened the new config files and rewrite all settings (updating content, not paste old file). The database connection is good because the migration scripts applied but with bad schema…

FYI, I’m on v7.9.4. I’ve updated once from 7.9.1 (first install) to 7.9.4 with same process and all went good.


Hi Cyril,

I don’t know what to tell you then. If you’re connecting to the same DB & schema each time then there shouldn’t be a possibility of using a “bad schema”.


The connection to database is good because the upgrade works. So we can say that credentials are good too. But why the upgrade is made with a different schema ?

Is there a setting for schema name ? default schema ?


Which schema you’re connecting to is part of your JDBC URL.


I use MSSQL with this setting

no schema is mentionned. can I specifiy it ? like in postgre jdbc url ?

so… no solution ? that s quite embarassing to be stuck on 7.9x LTS… pb for migrating to the future LTS too…?