[NEW RELEASE] sonar-l10n-zh-tw-plugin-1.0 for sonarqube9.2

I would like to add the sonar-l10n-zh-tw Plugin to your market place.

Short description: Traditional Chinese translation pack for SonarQube.

SonarQube compatibility 9.2

Link to PR: https://github.com/SonarSource/sonar-update-center-properties/pull/279

Download URL: https://github.com/SEPMLAB/sonar-l10n-zh-tw

Release notes: https://github.com/timlee/sonar-l10n-zh-tw/releases/tag/v1.0

  • It is the first release of the plugin, please add the plugin to the Plugin Library page.

Thanks, eddy

Hi Eddy,

Could you remind me of your SonarCloud URL, please?


Hi Ann,
Sorry for replying so late.
I lost the message.
This is my SonarCloud URL for the plugin.

Thanks, Eddy

Hi Eddy,

Thanks for the link. The requirement is that your QG status has to be green / passing & your QG isn’t computed. I think you need to define your New Code Period.