[NEW RELEASE] SoftVis3D Plugin 1.2.0

I’m pleased to announce the latest release of the sonar-softvis3d-plugin 1.2.0.

It provides the following new features:

  • Add an option to see also the test classes in the city view
  • New scm metric number of commits
  • Restrict certain packages or file types from being visualized
  • More color choices for the color of the buildings

Compatibility: 7.6 → 8.7.*
Not compatible with SQ 8.8. yet

Release note : Release softvis3d-1.2.0 · stefanrinderle/softvis3d · GitHub

Link to binary: https://github.com/stefanrinderle/softvis3d/releases/download/softvis3d-1.2.0/sonar-softvis3d-plugin-1.2.0.jar

Project site: Overview | SoftVis3D

SonarCloud Quality Gate: https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=de.rinderle.softvis3d%3Asoftvis3d

Link to the sonar-update-center-properties pull request:

@ganncamp Could you please update it to the Marketplace?


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Hi Stefan,