[NEW RELEASE] Checkstyle plugin 4.16


Short description of the version:
Issue #180: upgrade to checkstyle 8.16

SQ versions compatibility: 5.6.6
JDK: 1.8

Change log URL: https://github.com/checkstyle/sonar-checkstyle/releases/tag/4.16

Download URL: https://github.com/checkstyle/sonar-checkstyle/releases/download/4.16/checkstyle-sonar-plugin-4.16.jar

SonarQube.com project dashboard: https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=com.github.checkstyle%3Acheckstyle-sonar-plugin-parent

RFF: [RFF] Checkstyle plugin 4.16

Roman Ivanov

Hi Roman,

You list compatibility for this as 5.6.6. Do you mean 5.6.6-current?


FYI: It is incompatible with SQ 7.3+

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Hi Adam,

To be sure, are you going off the issue state or have you tested?


I didn’t test this version, but the previous one does not work. If you check the commits history of the #157, then you can read that 4 hours ago (7:23 AM UTC) they opened a PR to make the plugin compatible with 7.2+:

I would like to change my sentence from:


Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hi @romani,

I really need you to clarify compatibility of this version before I can add it to the Marketplace. Your announcement says “5.6.6”, which is no longer in the marketplace. I would like to assume this means “5.6.6 and higher” but am well aware of the dangers of assuming.

Could you please state explicitly what individual versions or version range this version of your plugin is compatible with?


yes, it is 5.6.6 and higher … up to 7.2.
It is the last version of plugin where we support 5.6.X.

in next version we will have min supported version 6.7 of sonarqube.

Hi Roman,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve (finally!) published this version. Sorry for the unavoidable delay.